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Power Shift provides a first-class installation service for a wide range of premium electric vehicle charging products throughout Australia. Our objective as a company is to help provide the country with the infrastructure needed to move toward a future where driving an EV is commonplace and also convenient. Our passionate team of qualified electricians offers solutions for residential and commercial clients as well as local councils.

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For Residence

Our EV charging stations bring the petrol station to your place! With solutions for:

 Stand alone houses
Multi dwelling buildings
Apartments & Units

For Commerical

We have a service to provide commercial spaces with EV charging capabilities such as:

Work places
Car parks
Hotels & Restaurants

For Council

Our team can design and build EV stations to forward thinking councils for:

Public parking
Fleet vehicles
Street parking

level 2 charger

EV charging solutions we provide

Electric vehicles have three levels of charging, ranging from slow to rapid speeds. Power Shift Sydney can provide installation of level two and three charging stations. We can provide our clients with expert knowledge to fit them with the correct products to create a seamless and easy EV drive experience.

Level One

This method of charging your EV requires only a standard 10 amp power plug. With an output of 2 kilowatts it is great for PHEV’s (Petrol hybrid electric vehicles) or to carry in the boot of your electric car to power up when you are visiting places. For every hour of connection you will get around 12 kilometres of range.

Level Two

We recommend EV drivers go for level 2 charging for there residential or commercial spaces. This method requires dedicated power supplies which can be installed by our team. Chargers come with outputs from 3.7 kW up to 22 kW. The 7.2 kW model is ideal for residential spaces as it only requires a single phase and will have you car ready to go every morning. Smart options are available to manage multiple vehicles and track usage. 

Level Three 

DC rapid charging is the equivalent of a petrol bowser and provides an ultra fast charge. This method is crucial for the successful roll out of EV’s to make longer trips easy. These products require large amounts of power and are perfect to be installed at petrol stations and motor ways. 

Benefits of choosing an EV


Electrical vehicles have zero exhaust emissions so choosing to drive one is a great way to take part in reducing air pollution. You can also charge your car via a solar PV system which reduces greenhouse gas emissions further.

Low running & maintenance costs

Running costs of an EV are around 70% less per kilometre in comparison to internal combustion engine cars. On top of this they have less moving parts so regular servicing and replacement of parts is no longer an issue.

Better drive experience

One of the most surprising features of an electric car is how quiet they are making for relaxing time behind the wheel. They also have instant torque providing a surge or speed.    

Energy security & home charging

Australia relies heavily on foreign countries for petroleum imports. When you choose an EV your car is run on a local power supply and even better in your own backyard with our Level 2 charging solutions.

Why choose us?

We are a group of passionate EV enthusiasts and want to use our skills as qualified electricians to push forward the electric vehicle movement. A society that relies mostly on EV’s will be a cleaner and greener one. To make it a smooth and easy transition our team wants to help by adding the facilities to power this new way of getting from A to B.

All of our works are planned, managed and carried out by experienced electricians. You can have peace of mind knowing that the project is completed to the highest standards and within the guidelines of the AS:3000. When you choose Power shift you are dealing directly with us! We do not use any sub-contractors and take full responsibility of the installation and servicing requirements.

We have access to a wide range of the best EV charging products on the market to suit all kind of customers needs. If you are looking to have a charge point installed we are happy to meet onsite to go over the project and offer a free quote. 

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Brands we use

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Power Shift are the EV charging experts 

Installing an EV charging station at your location doesn’t have to be difficult. At Power Shift, we take the stress out of the process and help you with cutting-edge, smart, and convenient charging solutions. Whether you already know what kind of station you want to install or you need assistance to learn more about the different types of charging levels, our experts will help you every step of the way.