About Us

Power shift is an installation service for a big range of premium electric car charging stations in Sydney.

Our purpose is to provide our clients the chance to move to a future where driving an electric car is just as convenient as driving a petrol engine.

We want to show people that electric cars are convenient and that charging them doesn’t have to be a hassle. We have a passionate team of experienced and qualified electricians who are ready to offer you cutting-edge charging solutions. All residential, commercial and local councils are going to appreciate the electric car charging solutions.

electric car charging solutions

Electric car charging solutions

Joining the electric car revolution is about saving money and helping the environment! We have solutions for:




Our electric vehicle charging stations are great for residents that search for the best home charging solutions.

We also have services to offer commercial locations with EV charging possibilities, including:

  • Car parks
  • Work places
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
Power Shift offers you a flexible charging solution to suit your business type. We are here 24/7 to support you in improving your business and providing easy-to-handle EV charging to your clients, Hotels, restaurants, car parking providers, and shopping centres along other kinds of businesses with low parking spots can offer electric car charging with no risks implied. We offer easy charging solutions that will help you grow your company and the marketplace.

Our specialised team can also create and build EV stations to local councils, including:

Fleet vehicles

Public parking

Are you considering installing and maintaining a charging station which is visible to all drivers? Choose our well-designed packages and let us help you expand the functionality of the charging station according to your needs.

level 2 charger

Why choose Power Shift?

Qualified Electricians

We are a team of qualified electricians and sustainability enthusiasts who want to move forward the electric car movement. A world that trusts in EV’s will be a much cleaner one. Our team wants to help make this process smoother and help you get from one point to another without worrying that your car runs out of battery.

All Works Within AS:3000 Guidelines

All of our team’s work is planned and managed by experienced and qualified electricians. You can be sure that the project is finished at the highest levels and within the guidelines of the AS:3000. Choosing Power Shift means that you can have peace of mind, as our electricians will take full responsibility for the installation and servicing necessities.

Fixed Price Installations

Electric cars are a great way to save money, and protect the environment, which is our main purpose. An electric car can run out of battery and you can choose to charge it at home or at a commercial charging station, depending where your charging station is. When you work with us, you know from the start how much installation will cost, and there will be no financial surprises along the way. We take transparency very seriously, and we always offer fair pricing.

Top Quality EV Products & Equipment

Switching to an electric vehicle can be the best decision you’ve ever made, not only for the environment but also for your personal budget. We are offering you a variety of fast-charging electric car stations, which allows you to charge your vehicle in less than 30 minutes. Choosing an electric vehicle charger comes with heavy research, but yours stops here. We can take the weight off of your shoulders and manage each step of the way.

Our company is designed to improve your electric car charging experience.

Our team is passionate and enthusiastic about transforming people’s lives for the better. We are also keen on protecting the environment, so we believe that adding this facility will only make your life easier and healthier. Electrical vehicles are great at reducing air pollution, and you can charge your car through a solar PV panel. So, why not enjoy significant savings off your annual energy bills?