Council & Government EV Charging Solutions

Power Shift provides state-of-the-art EV charging solutions for local councils to empower them to boost the public’s trust and satisfaction. We recognise the country’s need for an advanced infrastructure that supports EV driving, and therefore we are actively engaged in helping local governments construct a nation-wide EV charging infrastructure. 

Our company seeks to coordinate our efforts with the local councils’ requirements to design and build EV stations for public parking and fleet vehicles. We provide educational materials together with the deployment of solutions to amplify the results and accelerate the electric car revolution. We use the knowledge we accumulated in the EV charging domain to inform the public and provide communities with modern solutions. 

We encourage local councils to collaborate with our experts to build stations that allow easy access to EV charging solutions. 

electric car charging solutions

Electric car charger installations for Councils & Governments 

Building EV charging stations helps local councils demonstrate their environmental credentials to the locals and the stakeholders interested in investing in the area. Electric car charger solutions are affordable to run and allow the drivers to make substantial savings on fuel and tax.  Power Shift provides full service and guarantees that all projects are planned, managed, and carried out by experts. 

Charger stations we Install 

Electric vehicles have three charging levels (from slow to super fast), and we install level two and three charging solutions. Power Shift ensures that all charger stations adhere to local parking restrictions that apply in each area. All our charging stations are clearly marked and signposted so drivers can easily catch sight of them. 

Level Two

Both residential and commercial clients should opt for this charger station solution because the vehicle is ready to get back on the road after a single charging phase. For public spaces, we can create custom-made options to allow multiple vehicles to charge simultaneously. 

Level Three

This method is ideal for motorways and petrol stations as it provides ultra-fast charge and powers long trips. 

We install all brands for all models

Electric cars are the future, and automakers worldwide are making efforts to develop performant models. Power Shift is ready to support all electric car manufacturers by installing EV charger stations accessible to electric vehicle makes and models.
tesla ev charger install


Tesla cars prove that people don't have to compromise to drive eco-friendly vehicles. Its electric cars have outstanding exteriors, perform better than many traditional models, and are more fun to drive than any petrol car. Our charging stations are powering Tesla drivers' rides.

nissan ev charger installation


Nissan electric cars are easy to spot on the road thanks to their sharp, aerodynamic lines. The latest models are equipped with top-notch driving technologies that guarantee a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

bmw EV charger installation'


BMW understands that to create an eco-friendly car, it takes more than changing the engine. The brand developed a unique architectural concept for its electric cars line that meets all requirements for emission-free vehicles.

hyundai ev charger install


Powerful and versatile, these are the right words to describe Hyundai electric vehicles. They are power-packed cars that provide a thrilling experience on the road.

Why choose Power Shift?

At Power Shift, we have an in-depth understanding of EV charging technology and are ready to install the right charger station for your needs. Our company works independently of other third-party contractors and is ready to provide you with a custom-made solution that suits your requirements and budget. 

Qualified Electricians

Our professional electricians have the needed expertise to handle the projects from the planning stage to their completion. They handled numerous EV charging station installation projects and can easily tackle any related issue.

All Works Within AS:3000 Guidelines

We guarantee to respect the highest standards when we select technology and equipment and during the installation phase. We complete all projects within the guidelines of the AS:3000.

Fixed Price Installations

We are more than happy to assist you with your EV charging needs. Contact our experts to overview your project and offer a free quote. Power Shift guarantees fixed price installations.

Top Quality EV Products & Equipment

We collaborate only with reputable brands to ensure that we use the best EV charging equipment. We have high work standards because our philosophy is to support the community to lower carbon emissions and improve air quality.

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Power Shift are the EV charging experts 

Our EV charging solutions are designed for residence, commercial, and council use. To assist you in achieving your transportation electrification goals, contact us today.