Public Car Park EV Charging Solutions

As more and more drivers understand the benefits of going full electric, the number of electric vehicles on Australian roads is starting to grow, and that calls for modern infrastructure. At Power Shift, we provide public car park EV charging solutions for public car park owners and managers who want to embrace the green revolution and cater to their clients’ needs.

No matter where your public car park is located, installing an EV station will ensure that everyone who stops there, from commuters to tourists, and they have a safe and convenient way to charge their vehicles. 

electric car charging solutions

Electric car charger installations for Public Car Parks

We partner with car park owners and managers to provide convenient and intelligent electric car charger installations at their location. Not only does this offer more value to drivers but also helps build loyalty, boost public trust, and attracts more drivers to your parking facility.

Charger stations we install 

As electric vehicles are becoming more mainstream, it’s important to offer drivers high-quality charger stations they can count on. At Power Shift, we offer charger stations for a wide variety of premium electric vehicles, including Tesla, BMW, and more. Currently, we install level two and level three charger stations (medium to fast speeds).

Level two stations have outputs ranging from 3.7 kW up to 22 kW, while level three stations are the equivalent of a petrol bowser and offer ultra-fast charging. Level three stations are recommended for public car parks because people can charge their cars there to prepare for longer trips. 

We install all brands for all models

At Power Shift, we are committed to providing solutions for electric car owners to enjoy a cleaner, better driving experience. No matter the EV model, contact us, and we will help you find a suitable option.

tesla ev charger install


Tesla’s name is almost synonymous with EVs, which is why our Level 2 EV charging stations are suited to service any electrical Tesla model with ease.

nissan ev charger installation


Our charging stations are suited for all Nissan EV models and will ensure your car charges fast so that you can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

bmw EV charger installation'


A popular choice among car owners, BMW lovers can now choose an eco-friendly luxury car model, and with our charging stations, they get to enjoy their car for long road trips as well.

hyundai ev charger install


Albeit not as famous as Tesla in the field of electric vehicles, Hyundai currently offers four electric car models with plug-in charging options, and we have a suited charging station for them all.

Why choose Power Shift?

At Power Shift, we believe that electric vehicles are the next big step in automotive, and we’re here to make the transition more convenient. We know that choosing the right EV charging stations and installing them may seem complicated, and we want to make the process as simple as possible, so that you just sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Qualified Electricians

When installing EV charging stations, technical expertise is non-negotiable. This is why our staff consists only of qualified electricians who are up to date with the latest quality and safety standards.

All Works Within AS:3000 Guidelines

When you work with us, you have the guarantee that all our projects are carried out in accordance with the AS:3000 Guidelines, which apply to residential, commercial, and council installations.

Fixed Price Installations

We understand that budget may be a concern when installing EV charging stations, and we have fixed prices for our installation. You know the size of the investment upfront; no hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises.

Top Quality EV Products & Equipment

At Power Shift, we take quality very seriously. We only supply top quality EV products and equipment that are weather-resistant and that you can rely on for years to come.

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Power Shift are the EV charging experts 

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