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What is EV fast charging?

EV fast charging is a new phase in the electric vehicle revolution and creates new opportunities for organisations and policy-makers worldwide. 

Everyone knows that a future where only electric cars run on the streets is inevitable. With all the technological advancements, the road is paved with innovative solutions to speed the process. The shift to eco-friendly vehicles brings new economic opportunities for forward-thinking individuals and organisations. With the advent of fast charging technology (also known as Level 3 charging) on the market, the e-mobility trend becomes a part of daily life. 

The EV charging infrastructure is experiencing a rapid transformation because manufacturers continue to improve vehicle battery technology to provide the drivers with fast charging solutions. Fast EV charging stations equipped with chargers compatible with all makes and models are the answer to the growing need for efficient charging solutions. EV fast chargers are an attractive option because they charge faster than standard models or home stations. With the battery and charging technologies evolving quickly, EV supporters expect the charging time to drop further in the future. 

EV charging levels found today

Let’s have a look at the EV charging solutions available now, to understand why EV fast charging is the best option. 

Level 1 Charging – around a quarter of the current EV drivers use Level 1 outlets because they are the most popular solutions in personal garages. All makes and models have a cord that allows the drivers to connect them to a charger. Level 1 charging implies using a standard wall outlet that charges the vehicle around 3-5 miles of range gained an hour. 

Level 2 Charging – the vehicle is charged at 25 to 50km range per hour. It’s ideal for the drivers that afford to let their cars charge overnight. Organisations usually offer Level 2 charging to their employees that leave their vehicles in the communal garage. 

Level 3 or Fast charging – this latest solution charges a vehicle’s battery in minutes instead of hours because it uses direct current at high power. Local governments usually collaborate with EV charger providers to install Level 3 charging solutions on public spaces to enable drivers to drive their electric cars without disruptions. Fast charging is the perfect solution for drivers who don’t have home charging.

Level 3 charging is revolutionary technology because it allows electric vehicles to keep up with internal combustion engine vehicles. 

How does EV fast charging work?

A public power station provides access to an EV fast-charging outlet through a card, smartphone app, or an onsite payment option. Charging sessions are usually limited in terms of time. Most public charging stations have multiple connector configurations to match all makes and models. Asian automakers use a CHAdeMO connector, German and American cars have an SAE combo plug. Tesla uses a unique connector to access its supercharger access, which can be used only by Tesla vehicles. However, Tesla cars have an adaptor that allows the drivers to connect them to any other public charger. 

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